Me, a blogger???

So I KNOW there are about a gazillion bloggers out there; people who simply cannot keep their writings to themselves and want to share their diaries with the world!  Yes, apparently I have become one of those people.  You see, I read things daily and write things daily and want to share things daily SO I figured I might as well go ahead and start doing what I love and do anyway.  If it reaches people, great; if I am the only one who ever reads my public diary, that’s ok too.

So, here I go, on yet another adventure.  WHAT am I going to write about?  Well, me.  I want to share experiences, life events, family tips and tricks (and FRUSTRATIONS).  I want to share my story with people so others can know they too can make it through.  Life is short but years feel long when things are going awry.  I’ve had a lot of life, sometimes too much I think, but here I am trucking away.  I want to share God and His Word so the world can realize that there is a loving God in spite of all the dark and ugly things that happen in this world.

I have stories that seem like Lifetime movies (no, really, stick around because I PROMISE never to lie, but you won’t always believe what I tell you).
SOOOOOO, to get things started I guess I can introduce myself.  My name is Ceci.  I am a country girl at heart and have spent most of my life in Central Oklahoma pretty much in the same county, even.  I have a BA in Christian Ministry and am trying to find my inspiration to continue for my MA in Theology (but it is SO much work and there are chores and kids and a husband and the world…).  I have what is probably one of the most wonderful men in the world as my husband, though like any wife, I will complain about him from time to time.  He is a rock, you guys.  Seriously.  He is a fighter and has overcome a nasty illness and works so hard to provide for us…I could gush about him all day because I really love him!

THEN on top of having a wonderful husband, we have been abundantly blessed with three children: Isy is 11, Nwy is 6, and Mky is just a wee little one at 14 months.  I’ll have to do a post to introduce them separately, they are each huge characters!  And YES, all my children are almost exactly five years apart and NO that was NOT in our plan!  God, however, does have some great timing, and each time we gave up hope that a child would come, another one did!  (You guys could go ahead and pray that we can adopt one more since I can’t actually have anymore, but don’t tell Scott, he doesn’t know).

Okokok, so that is my family, and I will share just a tad more about me if you really want to hear it.  I am pretty simple.  I like life simple.  We don’t have cable tv though we do watch Netflix.  We don’t really listen to the radio much (no offense, but some of that stuff is just way over my boy’s heads).  I’m not really into pop culture…if you asked me the most popular song on the radio I would probably respond with whatever the latest Casting Crowns song is (they’re my fave Christian band).  I’m not trendy…I like to wear moccasins and anything that is comfortable. My husband has a long beard and I have super long hair and it has nothing to do with anyone from Louisiana (wink wink) or some super conservative religious beliefs (though we are kind of conservative and Christian), that is just who we are!
So anyway, that is me.  I am a wife/mom/student/homeschooling/baby wearing/cloth diapering lover of God and His great world.

OH…WAIT!  I wanted to share my reason behind the blog name…because I am SO clever and witty (ok, please read that with dripping sarcasm…remember, I am simple)!  SO I wanted to be all cool and use nomdeplume but guess what?  Yap, someone else had it, probably a hundred times over!  SO I decided to use pinnom WHICH is a play on words because my maiden name happens to be Pinion and nom means name…SO begat pinnom.  SEE, clever (ok, humor me).
NOW you can go:)  I can’t wait to share my next writing…it’s all about Vegas!



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