Introducing the youngUns

Ok, so I MUST introduce you to my children because I will talk about them.  A lot.  SO, here they are:

Isaiah is my oldest, he is 11.  He was our very first surprise!  Isaiah is my quirky boy who has been diagnosed with Aspergers and AD/HD.  We knew Isaiah was different early on even though he was our first.  I had a nurse friend tell me over and over that he was too easy (HA)!  He was pretty much silent until he was 3 or so, but he used sign language with me.  We knew he was super awesome because he did things like sorted his toys and lined them up in straight lines by type.  He was (and still is) on a strict schedule that he put himself on by about a year; he is up by 7 and gets breakfast no later than 8, lunch right at noon, school in between.  After lunch we usually have a short quiet time then he will play outside.  Supper is between 5&6 most nights and bed by 8:30 (though it takes him an hour and a half to actually fall asleep) so we can wake the next day and start it again.  Isaiah is also super into science of all kinds but mostly animal stuff, and he knows TONS of random facts!  Isaiah hates math, but could be great if he would apply himself, he is pretty impartial to language arts but LOVES science.  He wants to be an “animal biologist” one day.  I’m not exactly sure what that is, but he insists it is a thing so we roll with it mkay.  Don’t be fooled by his intellect, though, because Isaiah is also one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.  He wants everyone to be happy and he cannot tell a lie (probably better than Washington, even).  AND he takes almost everything literally so we have to be careful what we say sometimes.  So there is Isy, my super quirky, gentle, compassionate, loving, friendly, smarty pants oldest.

Noah came next.  What a blessing!  We actually weren’t as surprised by Noah as we were by Isaiah and Myrah, but we were still surprised.  We had tried and tried and tried and…well, you get the point.  We wanted another so much our hearts ached!  So, God sent us Noah.  Noah is our drama king.  Yes, I really have called him that from the very beginning.  He threw his first fit complete with throwing a rattle across the room at like 3 months, I kid you not.  Noah is so full of life and orneriness!  He is a hand full because he is my risk taker.  Seriously, he tried to climb on a roof via a metal trellis before he was even three! He is the kid who will be bleeding profusely, slap on a band aid and keep on going.  He and Isaiah are pretty much perfect opposites, where Isaiah is strong, Noah is weak and vice versa.  Noah takes risk; he is daring, courageous, and spunky.  Noah wants to try all the scary things and do all the thrill seeking adventures. Don’t be fooled by Noah’s daring personality, he will always make you smile, and if you cry, he will cry.  Noah feels everything that others feel and I think that is why God made him so tough on the outside.  Noah is also super smart (I don’t just say this because I am their teacher and they are my kids either).  Noah is a math whiz and wanted to start multiplication this year (1st grade for him) so I let him do the basics.  Even though he is good at math, he doesn’t really like to do school, he’s a rebel, ya know!  He is also an excellent reader, like his brother.  That is a bit on Noah, my daring, caring, rough around the edges, rebellious, but wears-his-heart-on-his-sleeve, make you smile second to oldest.

Last but never least is Myrah.  There isn’t a soul who knows our story that can deny miracles are real when it comes to this little feisty fighter.  Seriously, she is a walking miracle. A friend looked at her not too long ago and told me that God must have great things in store for Myrah because she was just meant to be here…it might sound odd to read, but it was profound to hear.  You see, I got pregnant at a time when I should simply not have been able to, then she arrived in an emergency situation that some babies (or mommies) do not survive…I’m SURE I’ll share that story some day!  So Myrah is only 14 months, but let me tell you about this girl.  Since we have a drama king, it stands to reason we also needed a drama queen, right!?  Well, we got her!  She takes all things to the next level.  If she can’t figure out a problem she gets overboard upset.  If there is a show on that has a growl, she gets overboard scared.  And if you hold out your arms real wide and say MYRAH she runs to you and gives you an OVERBOARD hug!  She is simply amazing!  She loves books already (maybe schooling her will be a breeze…HA) and adores baby dolls.  She has at LEAST 15 of her very own babies AND has quilts for them and blankets (thanks to memaw) and a kitchen where she can make them food and clean them up.  She for real does all of this and it is simply beautiful to watch her take care of her babies because it shows me that she has learned to take care of them (which is kind of a pat on the back from God in a way…right mommas?).  So there is a tad about Myrah our feisty, dramatic, nurturing, giggling, lover of all things bear-huggable.

So that is just a tad about my kiddos.  Trust me, when I say “tad” I MEAN tad.  These kids come second only to God and my husband.  They fill my day with anxiety, drama, and stress, but even more than that, they fill my hours with hugs, smiles, and endless love.  If you are so blessed as to be a mom, cherish these times.  Of COURSE there will be days when you will want to tear your hair out and go to your “office” (er, bathroom) and cry and think of all the ways you are failing because there seems to be no respect or manners or common sense, but just wait, momma.  One day when you least expect it, your 11 year old will hold open doors for people without being told or your six year old will clear the table to help you out and your baby will even sleep through the night.  One day these things will fall into place and you will realize that repeating yourself 5,768 times really was worth it (I mean, I’m still in repeat mode, but I am assured this will pass before I know it).  One day, you will be able to share your children’s quirky traits and talents with happy tears because all that hard work paid off.  One day you will be able to create an entire journal entry containing just a “tad” about your kiddos and you will realize that even a coffee table edition sized book would never be enough for all the ways your child(ren) have touched your heart!  And that day will come way too soon.


“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’  He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.  And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’” (Matthew 18:1-3 NIV).


(Photo credit-Lacee Cunning)


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