Noah played ball, baseball, actually:

A little background regarding Noah and sports…Noah has only ever done soccer because that is all he chose and it made life easy because both boys chose soccer and our little home-school community just happened to have a non-competitive soccer “league” where all ages practiced at the same time and games were immediately after practice.  Seriously, it does not get any easier than that! SO, he has always done soccer, but he didn’t really seem to love it.  When Noah loves something, there is no question; he does it with all he has.  He never wanted to run in soccer, he really seemed to just be there for fun and friends not for the love of the game.  Fast forward to this spring when I gave the boys a list of options for sports (they are allowed to choose one a semester) and he said he wanted to try baseball.

Baseball!  Well, this made Scott VERY happy because Scott grew up playing baseball and was very good at the sport.  I was a bit nervous about baseball as the last baseball experience we had was with Isaiah who really liked to play in the dirt during a baseball game!  Baseball is MUCH more time consuming than our little home-school soccer program AND Scott ended up coaching (but that is another post altogether) so it took up SO MUCH TIME!  All I could think was “Noah better LOVE this sport!” and love it he does.

A little about Noah, Noah is something else.  He is full of fire, determined, ornery, kind, and an all-around good kid.  I mean, he has his moments (I used to call him my drama king), but he is great.  He is full of love and loves what he loves to the fullest, so while I knew that if he loved baseball he would give it his all, what I half expected when Noah decided he wanted to try to play baseball was another child of mine playing in the dirt in the field as the ball whizzes by. Isaiah was not into baseball, and that is ok because all people are different (Isaiah loves soccer, Noah doesn’t), but Noah shined from the first time Scott took him out to play catch.

I’ve always thought of Noah as the more athletic kid, not because Isaiah CAN’T, but because it is not Isaiah’s thing, really.  Noah is skinny and wiry and never seems to tire.  He always wants to be outside and the first time Scott took him out to practice, he came back in amazed because of how well Noah did.  NOW, of COURSE I figured it was simply because baseball is Scott’s sport and he was just thrilled that Noah was into it; I figured it was parent talk, ya know.  We all do it!  Our kids are the best in our eyes because we see how much they want it or how hard they try and we give out A’s for effort because that is just a part of our job description.

So, Scott comes in beaming from the first play practice he and Noah had out back because Noah threw and hit and caught the ball.  Now, I know basically nothing of baseball so in my mind I’m thinking “of course he did all those things, that is what baseball is”.  I didn’t think I could be impressed by a six year old playing t-ball…then I saw the first game. So we go to the first game, which was insane because the other team seemed to have not read the rules regarding age (6 and under) and had kids that were 8 and 9…big deal in t-ball, but I digress.  SO, I watch Noah at the first game and I am impressed.

Noah playing baseball reminds me of a figure skater on the ice or a gymnast on the beam or a dancer in their pointe shoes.  He just looks like he is supposed to play baseball.  He is immediately comfortable on that field, in the shoes, with the hat or helmet and glove.  It is like peas and carrots…he and baseball just go together.  It was like the world melted away for him and he was completely focused and it just went so smooth.

Now, Noah did not always catch the ball, but watching him crouch and dive and slide for it; it just came so natural to him.  Noah hit harder than any other kid on the team and many other kids in the league (ok, so I KNOW that sounds like a parent brag, but it is totally for real, no lie) and even though he did not have to run full speed to get to a base because the ball went so far, he ran his hardest anyway.  His determination never wavered.  He goes for it; gives his all; sets his eyes on the prize.

Noah is going to be…well, already is…one of those people who love life and live it to the fullest.  I’d be lying if I said this did not worry me a bit, though.  Noah is so very passionate in all he does that he does it all with all he has (did ya get all that).  He loves life so much, but it worries me because he is so stubborn, I often wonder if the things we teach him will get through and if he will learn to love the Lord more than he loves this life.  Noah is so good at baseball, but I pray with all my heart that boy learns something from the hard work and determination he puts forth to play ball.  Everything in this life comes by hard work and determination, and faith is included in that.

I want all my children (and the world, for that matter) to learn that while the path to faith is Christ and that path may seem easy and as simple as the A, B, C’s (Admit, Believe, Confess), there is really much more to it than that.  Noah learned t-ball, and next year he will learn more as he moves to coach pitch, and he will continue to learn, and that is how life should be; continually learning.  In order to keep our faith, we must be diligent in our learning.  We must always be studying the Word, always praying, always fellowshipping with others so we can learn and share what we know.  This is what I want for my Noah; I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Noah play baseball, I am so serious, he is meant to play baseball, but what I love even more is watching him sing for the Lord.  I love watching him get excited about learning the Word of God at the young age of 6, and I pray with all my heart that this passion he has continues.  I pray that I can learn from him how to apply myself, be diligent, and that when I speak of the Lord it looks as beautiful as Noah does playing baseball.  More than anything, I hope that Noah and I (and we all) can remember to do what we do for the glory of God, and not to glorify ourselves. AND I pray that the gifts He has given us, we learn to use in a way that brings Him the glory!

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-16 NIV)


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