Myrah the Miracle

So, according to the wide world of Google, National Daughter’s Day falls somewhere between August 11 and September 24 (apparently they simply go by algorithms; how many people mention it on social media etc.…yes, I do random research because I am random like that sometimes.  You’re welcome), and according to my Facebook, I recognized this day as such last year SO…this is all about Myrah.

Today I want to share her story…dedicate this to Miss Myrah; she was a HUGE surprise.  We had just returned home after another extended stay in Texas for more surgery for Scott.  At this point he had had several surgeries and some extensive radiation and we basically knew the end of our child bearing days had come.  I mean, we had to be honest with ourselves, between my reproductive difficulties and his radiation/stress/surgeries there was just NO WAY another child was in the card for us, right?  I had generally come to terms with it though my heart ached for another; my sole focus at this point was my husband getting better!

So we are back from Texas and changing our lifestyle completely.  We took about 90% of any kind of medicine out of our cabinets and about 90% of the food out of our kitchen.  We really cleaned out our house so we could clean out our bodies.  We went drastic.  We actually ate mostly raw for a few months and while I know many will think this is hocus pocus, I feel that it really did have a hand in helping our bodies to heal; I feel that God wanted us to go in this direction so we could begin a healthier lifestyle.  And in this process, not only did Scott begin to get better, but to our amazement, I became pregnant.

My pregnancy with Myrah was ROUGH to say the least.  I was terribly sick from the very beginning.  I mean awful sick.  When I was about 7 weeks along I had a terrible gall bladder attack which required even more attention to my diet and actually left me where I could eat almost nothing.  Seriously, I probably consumed 500 calories a day at this time…I couldn’t eat a thing.  I also couldn’t have surgery unless it was actually life threatening because I was considered a moderate risk during my pregnancy.  It was rough.

Then to delivery…this girl was for real not doing anything the easy way (this is still true).  The week I was in labor (yes, I said week, though there was a three day period I was in true labor, the week before I was just in a lot of pain) I ended up in the emergency room three times for dehydration.  I could not re-hydrate no matter what I tried and I tried everything!  I was drinking the smartest water and several different electrolyte replacement drinks…but I wasn’t able to eat and apparently if you can’t eat and you are dehydrated then you won’t re-hydrate.  Ya, weird, right!?  So the third time I am in the hospital I am so miserable, I can’t even sit because I am in so much pain.  Everything hurt and Scott and I just knew something was off.  During my pregnancy I had decided I was going to have a natural delivery though I had previously had C-sections…but in this moment, Scott and I prayed (really, Scott prayed for me) and by the time he was done we knew natural birth was not going to be an option.

While nothing bad showed on the ultrasound, we knew something was wrong, the nurse knew, and even the doctor had a feeling.  We made the very difficult decision to do an emergency cesarean section and from there it was a whirlwind.  Things moved so quickly that within the next hour our daughter was born.  We found out that my uterus had actually ruptured in two places and had we waited much longer things could have ended much differently, but God has a plan and His plans will not be thwarted even when our own human stubbornness gets in the way.  He meant for Myrah to be here and here she was.

She made a grand entrance but I wasn’t even able to see her at first…they whisked her away and while the surgeon was trying to reassure me a team of 6 or 7 NICU workers came running full speed through the doors of the operating room and began working on my little baby.  I saw them put the mask on her and squeeze the tiny bag full of air to inflate her lungs and breathe for her, I saw a tube go down her throat, and then I saw them wheel her out.  It happened so quickly that I honestly don’t even remember if I actually got to touch her before she was wheeled away.

I was open on the table and they kept assuring me that all was well but I was terrified.  Scott stayed with me through the operation—they had to repair my ruptured uterus, close the incision they had made, and drain a very large cyst on my ovary.  It felt like forever, but as soon as they were done I sent Scott to be with Myrah and my wonderful birth doula stayed with me.  I went from recovery to my room where I was stuck in bed for the next day because of the amount of blood I lost.  Thankfully I was agreeable and continued to rest so I did NOT end up having a transfusion…apparently I came close to the point of needing blood, though.  It was so very hard…while Isaiah did go to NICU after he was born also, I at least got to see him and touch him and meet him first.  With Myrah none of that happened.  I remember them quickly showing her to me and then taking her to work on her.

This little baby girl…I am in tears as I write this because God is just so good.  Satan worked against us through my whole pregnancy but God was simply not having it.  I remember once my BBCI instructor (and also a sweet friend) looked at Myrah (she was about 8 months old at the time, I believe) and said “that girl just looks like she is supposed to be here; God has big plans for her”.  I’ll never forget those words because I feel them as well.  It was a fight to get her here and God will not be shaken.

SO, that is the crazy and miraculous story of our little girl, and now I want to tell you about the toddler I have!  I often call her a hot mess because she is all of that and so much more.  Both boys were speech delayed so the fact that she says SO MANY words astounds me!  She has a huge vocabulary and a huge personality.  She loves accessories (bracelets, necklaces, bows, purses, shoes…seriously) and she LOVES getting dressed, particularly in dresses!  She is my prissy little girl for sure!  She also loves dirt and pizza and FRUIT!

She loves to fist bump and play shoot and pretend like she has a sword or light saber (I mean, with two big brothers, what do you expect, right).  She has this lip she pouts out which really gets her out of too many things.  And her babies; she has at LEAST 15 babies that wear diapers and get baths and have quilts and blankets…and she takes very good care of them and it is precious to watch.

So that is the outline of how our daughter came to be.  Myrah isn’t perfect, she is stubborn and has a strong will and even at her young age has a natural inclination to reject authority and do her own thing.  But, she is a miracle; a blessing from God as all children are.  She loves to sing and dance and put on a show, but she is also shy and attached very much to me, her daddy, and brothers.  She has a heart full of love already, though, as well as a passion to care for others and an empathetic nature I’ve never before seen in a toddler.

My point of this is not to build up the perfect image of Myrah, but to share that miracles are real.  We weren’t focused on having another child when Myrah came along; we were focused on Scott’s healing.  God gives us hope, though, even in the times when things may seem hopeless.  He does not always give us what we want because what we want is not always in His plan or for His glory, but he is our hope.  He is our Refuge, our Right Hand, our Fortress, our Salvation.  When we were at a dark hour in our lives fighting to keep Satan behind us, God shone his light and as always, it was good.

And, it still is.

Myrah is pretty amazing, and so very special.  God is even more so.  He made her, after all.

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Psalm 139:14 NIV).



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