Just a quick note you guys!  My computer is FINALLY repaired!  FINALLY!  Yes, I SHOULD have done this MONTHS ago, but life happened, over and over and OVER again!  And again, and again…well, you get the point.  SO, this short note is to let you know I am finally back on my lap top and will have some new reads soon!  Stay tuned!  I’ve missed writing, been doing the old fashioned…ya know…an actual pen and paper (GASP) and oi, my hand, my poor, poor hand!  Typing is just SO MUCH faster, and easier.  I do like the therapy that came from actually writing, though.  Journaling…a lost art…everyone should try it!

So, here I am, back, and ready to share my woes and (what is the word opposite of woe??? Happys?) not woes.  My accomplishments and failures, and just a general peek into the life of me (because I am SO interesting…[insert eye roll]).  Anyway, I miss writing, and I am ready to begin again, but first, Bible study.  AND Bible study is at my house tonight…in approximately 25 minutes so I gotta go!
Much loves!


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